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Caring Breaks - A partners view - Ulster Wildlife
January 8, 2016 by carol

A partners view - Ulster Wildlife

UW believes that people have lost the connection with our life support system which is the natural environment. By reconnecting with it we start to value it and look after it as well. It also has a positive benefit for us all personally, and it’s this that lies behind our interest in working with Caring Breaks and its clients.

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Caring Breaks - A carers view
December 2, 2015 by carol

A carers view

Annie Armson lives in Bangor and has two children, one of whom, Fiona (22) has autism and severe learning difficulties. We’re a small family, myself, my husband, Fiona and Fiona’s younger sister Alex who is at University in England. We have no close family relatives here except an elderly Aunt so this means that in terms of family support we have very little. My husband works away a lot of the time as well so quite often it is me and Fiona on our own.

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Caring Breaks - Fishy Business
October 21, 2015 by carol

Fishy Business

As part of our last weekend break of the year, five of our clients had a great day on the Saturday at Movanagher fish farm, about 16 miles from Coleraine. We started out in the morning at the nearby Movanagher canal, which is connected to the River Bann.

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