Weekly Breaks: 

Community Respite Workers - our staff, collect a client from their home around tea-time.  Then they go out together for an evening’s fun, often meeting up with other clients - if that’s what they want to do.  Importantly, our clients choose how they spend their own leisure time. 

It could be a visit to the theatre, then a meal in a local restaurant, followed by indoor bowling at Dundonald Icebowl.  Caring Breaks also organises a number of evening workshops and events for our clients such as dance and drama, yoga, arts & crafts etc. 

For family carers this respite break not only gives them a chance to have an evening to themselves, but crucially as they have told us, it gives them peace of mind. 

They can relax, safe in the knowledge that their son or daughter is not only being well cared for, but is among friends and doing something that makes them happy.

For many family carers these 4 hours each week represent the most regular break they ever get to enjoy.  

Weekend breaks:

Caring Breaks runs a series of weekend breaks each year at Cushendall, Castlerock and Enniskillen where clients get the opportunity over three days, to participate in a variety of outdoor pursuits such as canoeing, archery, abseiling or perhaps do some sightseeing. (See video on homepage).

The weekend breaks have the dual outcome of giving family carers a much needed break, whilst at the same time giving their sons and daughters the chance to spend a fun weekend with friends.

A major factor in the success of the weekend breaks is that we treat our clients as individuals – this service is responsive to their wishes and needs.  This ethos applies across all of the activities of Caring Breaks.

Our Community Respite Workers are always keen to help out on the weekend breaks because they feel it is a real privilege to spend time with our clients.  We can rely on our staff to provide the right level of support to ensure that our clients can relax and have fun on a weekend away. 

For their parents and carers, these weekends provide the longest break that most can expect all year.

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